Meet An Advisor

Wesley Mar

Working as hard as you do

Wesley entered the financial services industry back in 1984. He graduated from Sacramento State with a BBS in Business Administration (Accounting). He always wanted to be in business for himself, so becoming an independent financial advisor was a natural career progression.

Through the years, he has advised owner-operators in many industries, answering questions and reducing ambiguity with sensible, workable retirement strategies - each one individualized.


A dream realized

Wesley's grandparents came to California in the early 1900s from China. With the Chinese Exclusion Act in place, they could not own a business. But they stayed here and persevered, working hard to open a laundry company and then the Eye Street Bridge Market. They created prosperity and comfort from a dream.

With this family history, Wesley understands the ambitions, struggles and triumphs of small business owners and their families. He is in business for himself, just like they are.

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